Manufacturer: Severi Racing Kart Company
Model: SGM SL204/GA207/GA210
Induction: 6 Petal Carbon Fiber Reeds
Cooling: Water Cooled Crankcase and Cylinder
Original: Bore 54.00 mm
Maximum: Theoretical Bore 54.08 mm
Stroke: 54.40 mm
Cylinder Volume: 124.96
Con Rod Length: 113mm
Central Transfer Port: 126 degrees
Front Side Transfer Port: 127 degrees
Rear Side Transfer Port: 134 degrees
Exhaust Port: 195 degrees
Clutch: 6 Disc Dry Clutch with 5 Ergal Floaters
Gearbox: 6 Speed with 350cc oil capacity
Ignition: Any homologated type
Timing: 1.3-1.5mm
Weight: 17.8 KG/ 39lbs


Price from £2600.00 plus VAT

2014 125cc Open Superkart English     Championship Winning Engine