Aprilia rs125 Superteen tuning package. £595.00 plus VAT.

1st. 2nd. and 3rd. for Magnum Tuned bikes in 2010 Aprilia Superteen Challenge

The Aprilia Superteen Challenge is a great starting place for young road racers to learn there craft. Many of todays racing star’s started their career in this series, including  2007 World MotoGP Champion Casey Stoner . New 2011 bikes cost only £3400.00 plus VAT including a race pipe, and with a little help from our tuning kit is all you need to get started.

2009 Thundersport GP3 Champions

Honda RS125 GP Race Bike


Jollymoto Exhaust Kit Pipe £595.00 plus VAT.

Active Carbon Fibre Reed Petals £39.00 plus VAT

Vertex A kit Piston Flat Top £85.00 plus VAT includes piston, ring, pin and circlips.

Tuning Options.

The standard bike produces 38bhp to 39bhp.

Having your bike Magtuned will increase this to 43bhp using standard parts.

Cost £475.00 

Dyno Testing £30.00 per hour

Engine Rebuilds £150.00 plus parts

All price plus VAT

Aztec CNC Machined Crankcases